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June 29, 2015

VGFlicks: Scott Pilgrim VS. The World (Part 2)

Scott Pilgrim VS The World review
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Last week, there was a lot of set-up towards the actual plot of Scott Pilgrim VS. The World, and we left off when some weirdo was attacking Scott during a battle of the bands. By the way, how many references to songs, bands and albums did you find? I had around 19 in Part 1 alone. Seriously, some of them are sneaky, so look carefully. You will miss some of the references. So, what happens now?

Compare the comics and the movie. Impressive, isn't it?

That's not 1; that's three fingers. Possibly a 0 and a 3.
Are you so dumb you can't count up to 1???
Scott counters the attack and punches the guy away. This guy, who hides one of his eyes under an emo haircut and has a single chevron on his coat, claims to be Matthew Patel… Ramona’s! First! Evil! Ex! Boyfriend! An Indian who seems to have quite the interest in Bollywood. At first, Scott manages to give the guy quite a beating (up to a 64-hit combo! Not so bad for a loser, huh?) and kick him down, but Patel strikes again. A big choreographed fight ensues, and my, it’s actually quite impressive. Didn’t think Cera could do physical stuff like that? Think again. It’s time to be tenacious and destructive, Scott! At one moment, the two chat once Scott reveals he has no idea why they’re fighting. He didn’t really read the e-mail Patel sent him. Scott realizes he needs to know more, so he stops the fisticuffs and asks Ramona to explain how and when she dated Patel. Because he oughta know. And so the projectors shine down on her.

No,k that's not from the comic, that part was animated for the
Ramona explains that she dated Patel in seventh grade, and only because every other dude was a dumbass white jock. Wow, that sounds like one sucky school for geeks. Anyway, she teamed up with Patel and they took down all of the jocks, mostly thanks to Patel’s “mystical powers”. Which are never explained. Though, nice Bollywood music starts as she explains… She closes her story by saying she kissed Patel only once, and then she dumped him. And thus Patel goes into full battle mode.

He dances and sings.

As he rises off the ground.

Wait, when did this movie become a musical?

Hey Patel, if you're so desperate for love, how 'bout ya screw
one of 'em demon hipster chicks? Just... don't kiss 'em.
Matthew Patel floats, summons demon chicks all while singing this song named Slick, and then he shoots freaking fireballs. Wait, THAT’s the first boss? Shouldn’t he be easier to defeat or something? He even fries freaking Crash and the Boys! (Don’t worry, they’ll respawn.) Thankfully, Scott picks up a fallen cymbal and tosses it at Patel, disorienting him long enough that Scott can deal the finishing blow. End of the fight, end of the song, dust everywhere, smoke on the water, the show’s over. Sex Bob-Omb has won by default.

Did I mention people burst into coins when they’re defeated in the Pilgrimverse? Matthew Patel leaves a measly few bucks. Ah, you were poor and broke, that’s why Ramona wanted to forget you! And you, Scott, yes Patel will probably respawn as well, but… you still technically murdered someone. Will you call your mama and tell her that you just killed a man?

On the way back home, Ramona spills the beans. I mean, being attacked all of a sudden by perfect strangers? Yeah, she definitely needs to explain why that’s gonna happen to Scott. To win her heart, he’ll have to fight and defeat Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends- oh, pardon me, “exes”. Subtle foreshadowing, do your thing… Still, nothing’s stopping them from dating, so they end that discussion on a kiss. (Cue the “Awwwwwws”.)

Nobody likes to have the truth spelled out to them...
And now here’s an out-of-genre experience! We switch to a sitcom, with music and all. Oh, and the laugh track, don’t forget the laugh track! This is taking place on the next day, and Scott has invited Ramona over. Therefore, he wants Wallace to be away. But Scott’s roommate makes sure to give Scott some precious advice: He really, really should break up with Knives. …Oh right, we were almost forgetting her. Knives adores Scott to the point of being at his beck and call, she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

Christ! Even the girliest girls in the universe
would say this is cliché. They'd still watch it,
because, hey, pretty boy.
That ultimatum is followed by Wallace watching a marathon of movies starring Lucas Lee, a professional skater who underwent a career change and is now a "pretty good actor". Well, I’d be the judge of that, if only those films actually existed. Though, judging by the titles, I think we’re better off without Lucas Lee’s “acting talent” in real life. Let’s Hope There’s A Heaven? Definitely not my kind of flick. Doesn’t mean it’s not good, just that it’s not my kind. You Just Don’t Exist? A thriller, I suppose? The Game Is Over 2? Thriller or buddy cop flick, who cares? Action Doctor? That one sounds just plain silly. Thrilled To Be Here? …Are there movies you don’t want to rip off, Mr. Lee?

Oh, by the way, Lucas Lee is played by Chris Evans. I’ll resume my review once the girls are done swooning.




Alright then. It appears Lee is currently shooting a movie in Toronto (This could get so meta in so many ways). Scott leaves to go out with Knives, and the two go to the music store, where they discover – to Knives’ excitement and Scott’s despair – that The Clash At Demonhead will be doing a show soon in Toronto. After Knives confesses her love for Scott, he finally drops the bomb; they have to break up. It’s like the sky falls on her at that exact moment. It’s gonna take a while for her to heal that achy broken heart… if it ever heals. I doubt grey duct tape would be able to keep the pieces together at this point.

Damn you, movie! How DARE you give me the feels!

"Hey, Scott? My eyes are down there."
Later, we see Scott at another Sex Bob-Omb rehearsal, and Ramona shows up. She… dyed her hair a shocking blue. A very noticeable difference, but one that shouldn’t matter… right? Well… for Scott, hair is kind of a touchy matter. He… really doesn’t like hair changes or being told that his hair is long. Though, there’s a risk if Scott lets Ramona get too close to the others; Kim dated Scott in high school and could tell her just how much of a Canadian idiot he is. Scott quits with Ramona, so he lets Neil play the bass for now. …Hey, Nordegraf, now’s your time to shine!

Scott, keep working with your guitar. You could write an entire
rock opera with what you're gonna be going through.
Scott brings her back to his apartment, just as Wallace is leaving to stalk his favorite action movie star. He probably believes he can gay him up. (I know this joke sounds borderline homophobic, but in the comics, and even in the movie, Wallace Wells has shown a capacity to turn gay the men he’s interested in. Among them, there was Stacey Pilgrim’s last boyfriend. Hey, I know homosexuality is natural and you can’t “catch it”; I’m not stupid. But that’s what Wallace can do in the series! Ugh, moving on.) So, Scott spends a part of the evening with Ramona in the apartment, and I gotta say it’s not really a success. The topic of Scott’s hair comes up, and with it the story of his break-up with Natalie “Envy” Adams. Obsessed with hiding his hair, Scott puts a winter cap over it and goes to take a walk with his new flame.

They walk all the way to the set where Lucas Lee is filming. There, they find Wallace, impatiently waiting like a fanboy. Ramona seems worried when she hears the actor’s name. …As it turns out, he IS, in fact, her second ex-boyfriend. I hate to say I told you so, Wallace, but it’s confirmed: This guy’s straight! The crew starts filming Lucas’ scene, but he interrupts it to speak directly to Scott Pîlgrim. He walks up to Scott… and gives him a couple punches, before throwing him at Casa Loma. There it is, the second ex battle.

I know this one isn't very clear... here's the same scene, from the comic book.

Now, a bit of context with Book 2 of the series. Scott learns ahead of time about Lucas Lee, so he watches many of his films, so that he’d know who exactly he’s going up against. He could also have looked at the movie posters, they all feature Lucas’ face. Scott encounters Lee near Casa Loma, but not in the middle of filming a scene. A very short fight takes place, which is re-created in the movie, and then the two opponents have a snack and a chat. It might come off as a surprise, but Lee is certainly the nicest of Ramona’s exes. It’s like, you know, he has moved on and stuff. He has learned to let it go. That’s the normal reaction to a breakup that took place long ago. Oh yeah, in both the comic and the movie, Lucas is the one who tells Scott about the “League of Evil Exes” brought together by Ramona’s seventh ex. Oh, also, in the comic he’s still considered evil, not because he still took part in the League, but because he’s a sellout. Oh, the horror!

However, in the movie, Lucas Lee is a lot more villainous. Still relatively amicable (to Ramona, anyway), but more villainous nonetheless. After beating up Scott, he lets his many stunt doubles do the rest. Even though Scott was losing the fight, for some reason he manages to beat all of the doubles. Not like his fight with the actor is any longer; in both the comic and the movie, Scott tricks Lee into doing a skateboard stunt on the staircase rail. Lee accepts the challenges, goes down the rail… and goes so fast at the bottom that the speed makes him burst into coins. Another one bites the dust! So Scott wins by default.

He went so fast he blew up. Let that be a lesson, kids;
never go too fast. NEVER.

Not exactly the best fight in the series, if you ask me.

Ramona has left the place (I suppose she didn’t feel comfortable seeing her current boyfriend and an ex together, the same way Scott didn’t want to leave Ramona and Kim in the same room), so Scott and Wallace go home. On the next morning, Scott finally understands (in great part thanks to Wallace) that he’s gonna have to fight seven evil exes.

Well, took him long enough. Clearly, we are dealing with a genius Scott Pilgrim here.

Someone, somewhere, must be tired of getting called at that
number by random strangers.

Talking about exes, Scott gets a call… from Envy Adams. You could immediately feel the room getting 90% gloomier and 75% colder. That girl is cold as ice… The discussion is short, and anything but sweet, and you can tell Envy is toying with him. When Scott mentions Ramona, though, Envy’s reaction… surprises him, to say the least. Wallace interrupts the call before it gets worse.

You "PONK"ed her all right, Scott.
…which leads to the phone ringing again; it’s Knives! Uh oh. She’s outside, so Scott makes a run for it… through the window… and goes for a walk. Except even then, he can’t catch a damn break. One of the six books should have been called Scott Pilgrim Can’t Catch A Break. He gets attacked by a speedy flying black cloud… though if the laughter is any indication, this might not be a cloud. Scott punches the cloud, and it’s revealed to be a mean-looking girl in a black hoodie. She appears very mysterious, like a ninja, but she seems evil… Wait, ninjas can be evil?

Sigh, why am I always asking stupid questions???

Nevermind, we have more plot to explain!

Stressed out due to all the events, Scott goes to the café where his sister works… but ends up facing Julie. I already stated that she was a bitch, I might add she was probably a sailor in a past life.

Like those???

Wished I could censor my own fucking curse words.
Oh hey, it works!
Not that kind of sailor. No, I meant she swears like a sailor. Thank God she’s got that Black Rectangle Swear Bleeper with her; it censors every curse word she says, and it covers her mouth with a black rectangle when it happens. Hey, can I get one of those? Mine’s defective. Hostie de ciboire de fuck, motherfucking shit, câlisse de tabarnak! In that same café, he sees Ramona, and while he’s trying to reassure her that this whole “evil exes” thing isn’t too stressful for him, he’s just not convincing enough. Then Envy shows up…


Why do I feel like this girl is trouble...
Oh right, she IS trouble.
Ramona decides not to stay between the two of them, but remains in the background. The two exes exchange small talk, and some bigger talk. Something about being invited to the only show the Clash At Demonhead will do in Toronto… And of course, big news, Scott later learns that Sex Bob-Omb is gonna be the first part.


Is this a disaster in the making? Is it the end of the world as we know it?

Either way, they need to do that show, the publicity is too good to skip. In the middle of that battle of the bands, they have to take every opportunity to show their talent! They need hardcore fans… well, they have one, but they might think she’s, um… too hardcore. Or too stalk-ish. Ramona advises Scott to do the show, since it would be “the grown-up thing to do”.

I'd buy one of their albums. I like indie grunge garage
happy metal rock. 
So, the members of Sex Bob-Omb do their concert at Lee’s Palace, and their performance is met with a thunder of applause- Nah, just kidding, they get a couple polite ones and a “Yeah” from Wallace. Figures. So Scott, Stephen Stills and Kim head to the bar at the back, and Ramona goes to the bathrooms, where she meets… Knives, who has just changed some of her hair to a blue color. Man, the number of weird people the characters meet in this film… it’s just unbelievable. What a mad world…

In the comic, they break up relatively quick. By the end of
this movie, we don't know if they're still together. The actual
ending leaves it ambiguous, the preceding one... not so much.
When she returns near Scott, our "hero" finds out Young Neil is the one who has come to Lee’s Palace with Knives, and she’s using him as a “not-really-boyfriend” to mess with Scott. Thankfully, they don’t have time to make this situation even more awkward, as the show by The Clash At Demonhead is about to begin.

A girl on the drums (again? Is that… a fetish or something?), a blond guy on bass, and finally Envy on vocals (she also did keyboard in the comics). Ramona immediately recognizes the guy on bass as Todd Ingram, her third evil ex.

Holy shit.

I'd list their names from left to right, but you can certainly guess that yourself.

…I have to cut here, see ya in Part 3.