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October 19, 2016

America, we need to talk

Are you American? Are you of voting age? Good! Pease read through this.

For well over a year now, the media has been all about the American elections. And, to be fair, it's not difficult to see why: The next person to be elected President of the United States will have a major impact not only on the lives of most, if not all Americans, but also on the rest of the world. It's a very powerful position. The third and final debate between the two major presidential nominees, Republican Donald J. Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, is tonight, and the vote will be held on November 8, 2016.

Now, I'm rarely one to bring up actual politics on this blog. I'll be talking every once in a while about the video game industry and everything around it, but actual elections, in particular ones that are not held in my country? That's rare. Anyway, this election has been, so far, just a laughable matter. Between the extremes on both sides, Trump's incresingly jackass tendencies (and fucking PRIDE in being an all-around horrible human being), and Hillary trying her best despite the past (gers and her husband's) coming back to haunt her... It's a shitshow. There's no other word.

And I completely understand the diillusion millions of American feel towards the system, what with so many feeling like they would rather vote for neither of them. Let's just admit it, democracy is ill these days. And not just in the United States, mind you. The situation's pretty rotten everywhere. And we all hold a part of the blame for this. We've allowed corruption to run rampant for way too long, we accepted that the craziest candidates would have a chance. Democracy is just NOT doing well.

However, I strongly suggest that you watch tonight's debate, or at least stay informed about it. This is the last chance for these two to answer to important questions on their programs and how they'll change some elements of your life in the next four years. I can understand that you're fed up with the crazy-long American elections - in Canada, last year we had our longest elections, two months, and by the end we were all freaking fed up of it. I can't imagine a whole year of that stuff. But this debate is still important.

Far more important, I know neither of these options are very appealing... but seriously, please, go vote on November 8th. First off, never underestimate the power of a few more voices for the candidate you wish to see enter the White House. Second, even if you're less voting "for" someone and more voting "against" someone (as in, vote Trump to stop Hillary, or vote Hillary to stop Trump). It's not a very enjoyable thing, but if you absolutely loathe one of the presidential nominees, vote for the other that you don't hate nearly as much. Or, you know, vote for an independent party. Either way, go vote. I personally believe that if you don't go vote, you lose the right to complain if your least favorite candidate gets the keys to the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

However, here is the main thing to keep in mind: Stop treating this election like it's entertainment. "Hoy doy, I was asleep the last eight hours, now let's see what else Donald Trump said that pissed everyone off except his most devoted fans!" "Now is the continuation of my favorite reality show! Will they finally discover what was in Hillary's e-mails?" No. Just no. All of the No. You should not think of this shitshow as something to watch like a year-long comedy series. Donald Trump is not the latest South Park addition. Hillary is not a cartoon villain trying to hide secrets and "steal America" or whatever else. You should get rightfully annoyed at those who believe there's nothing serious in this election, and you should call out every single new controversy that pops up. Let me say it again: The person that is elected as the next President of the United States will have an immense amount of power and control over the lives of almost 300 million people, and will be a non-negligeable influence on international politics as well, and this for the next four years.

That includes you. If you're an American, this will have an impact on you. Therefore, you NEED to read up on what each party suggests, what either political leaning wants to bring forward once they've won. Vote with your brains, not with your heart. But most of all, you need to get your voice heard. I know the current political climate doesn't encourage you to go out and vote, but please, go vote. The results of this election WILL have an impact on your life. You need to figure out, if you haven't yet, which candidate has plans, projects and views that fit closest to what you believe in, and check the box next to that candidate's representant in your State.

(Even if the inauguration isn't until January next year, the fact of the matter is that the party that wins this election will still have an awful lot of power once the inauguration is over.)

(And yes, I realize that I'm a French Canadian and that I shouldn't have any lessons to give to any American. Problem is: We're right next door. I live two hours away from Maine. This election will also affect us. So please, vote for which one you believe to be the best candidate for the role of POTUS.)

(And before you ask, if I were American, I would vote Hillary, not because I agree with everything she says, in fact there are many things in her program that I wholly disagree on... but it's either her or a racist, xenophobic asshole who freely admits he sexually harasses women, doesn't pay his taxes despite being rich, and brags about the size of his dick on TV. Also because I wouldn't ever trust Trump ruling over the U.S. for four years, and I certainly wouldn't trust him in situations that require diplomacy. But hey, my poitt still stands: vote for whoever you want. You live in a free country. Vote Clinton, vote Trump, but please, vote.)