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September 30, 2014

Slower updates

Hello everyone.

Since April, I've kept a very strict schedule when it came to posting reviews on Planned All Along. I posted every Friday, and I posted every Monday for reviews that were two or three posts long. I've been very consistent, in fact; and while I applaud myself for it (Me, keeping a schedule? It's like asking Bowser to slow down on kidnapping Peach!), this is not the reason for tis post.

The title may have already clued you in. If you've followed this blog since the start of 2013, you probably know I slowed my updates down while I was doing my internship at my university's news blog. I stopped posting on Mondays, kept all my updates to Fridays, and used the full weeks to write during my free time.

Making articles for my blog has become a lot more complicated. While looking for ways to ameliorate it, I found it much better to use footage from the games. Yes, I am using the footage from Youtube videos that aren't mine. But I always acknowledge it when it's the case. You might have noticed that I used footage from the Subspace Emissary mode while talking about it during my big review of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I also used footage from all three Drawn To Life games in the past month. Picking pictures out of a video is not an easy task, as I have to pause constantly and find the most interesting pictures. Or, well... at least, pictures that are linked to what I'm saying. Or maybe pictures I can join a joke to. I also used this for my review of the godawful movie Gamer - though, for that one, I owned the DVD. Yeah, I'm not too proud of that. But in my defense, I had never cared about it till I watched it for the review. Man, this sucked... Either way, point is that gathering pictures for my reviews has become a much longer and arduous process, at least for the reviews that I care more about. Picking pictures can take me more than a hour, and maybe even two or three, while the writing is still done rather quickly, and so is the editing; once I have the pictures and the text, the actual editing is done pretty fast.

Don't even get me started on the videos. The videos are long to make, even though they're really not that long actually... But I have a lot less free time for me these days.

As some of you may know, I've found a job. A real job. Yes, I,m taking customers' orders behind the cash register at McDonald's, but it's a job, and a job will always be better than no job. Especially if it's a job like we've got at McDonald's. There are easier tasks, there are harder tasks, but you get a paycheck every two weeks, so there's that. I have more money, but I now spend over thirty hours of my time there per week. Therefore, I have a lot less time to write. Cue the same speech about reviews being longer to make now I fed you earlier.

My personal life has been pretty hectic too. I won't get on the details, but a member of my family greatly worried me, and I didn't have the spirit to write much. Then there's the procrastination Then there's more and more stuff going on... Final word, less time to write and get some good material out. Therefore, I (finally) announce that I will slow down on my publishing schedule. Starting this week, I will only publish reviews on Friday. This will give me more time to write - the entire weekends, that's already something - and more time to get good pictures to use in the reviews. Heck, I might have more time to make videos now.

Final words: I'm sorry I have to resort to that again. But when you have less time to spend doing what you like, you decrease the amount of time you spend doing said thing. On a side-note, I can promise this, though: I will never forget to publish a review on a Friday. I usually have a few reviews written ahead of time, but as I said, too many things happened at once and I got caught in this tight schedule. I intend to use the next weeks, most likely all of October and maybe all of November, to get a lot of reviews written. I intend to write more than one review per week, maybe one and a half, so that I can get ahead and have some time to write stuff again despite my schedule.

I hope you don't mind this. It's not the most important anouncement ever, but still something I wanted to tell everyone. See you in the next weeks. I hope you get to enjoy Planned All Along despite that.

P.S. Yes, I waited for the end of Drawn To Life Month before making this announcement. I wanted Drawn To Life Month to end on September, so you can tell I painted myself in the corner with numerous ambitious reviews on the same month. Still, I want Planned All Along to keep the standard of quality I gave it. See you this Friday for Part 1 of a VGFlicks review.